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Growing Your Business - Hiring with Joonomy

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015 07:17AM UTC

Hiring For Business Owners

Joonomy provides a trusted marketplace for business owners and professional service providers to connect, hire and collaborate on projects with employees or clients. Whether you need a mechanic or a full time database developer, Joonomy wants to help you find the right candidate.

We understand the challenges that business owners have to deal with, and how the cards are stacked against you when starting your business.


Hiring The Right Employees Through Our Trusted Marketplace

We want to change that for you, we want to help you build your business. We want to help you hire the right employees and find clients who and need and want your products or services, these are some of the most important aspects of growing your business. Once you sign up with Joonomy you'll get access to both employees and clients through the use of our trusted marketplace. We currently have no intentions of charging for this. There's no greater reward for the team at Joonomy than to see you succeed and have you be able to provide for the people you care about.

We understand how time consuming it can be hire the right employees, it takes away resources from running your business. Joonomy tries to make this process easier for you so you can find the right employees quicker.

Rather than, randomly posting on job boards and trying to figure out if you can trust that candidate as an employee. A public job post on Joonomy will notify your entire network, this lets your contacts know that you're looking to hire, and they can recommend people that fit your job description. This also allows you to quickly reach out to your network to find out more about the candidate before committing resources to hiring that person. Employers often want to hire people they know and trust. Reports have estimated that 70% of hiring takes place through referrals as known as the hidden job market, we want to make this process easier for you as it's considered a more effective way of hiring people you can trust for your business.


Screening Candidates Through Joonomy

You might be thinking, what if no one in my network matches that skill set. We have you covered, our public job posts allows anyone searching for with the right skills to find your job posting. You can also actively search for someone that matches your skill set and invite them apply for the position you have available. Instead of manually scanning resumes you can:

  • View candidate's profiles
  • View Trusted Endorsements
  • (We try to make endorsements as useful as possible, by only allowing former employers or co-workers to endorse their skills.)
  • Reviews of the candidates from previous jobs they've done

Everyone is also assigned a personal job board, where we match job postings with potential candidates, giving you instant access to candidates who match your job description.

We want to take as much of the guess work out of the hiring process as possible, to save you time.
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