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How do I post a job?

Last Updated: Jul 26, 2015 06:20AM UTC
  1. To post a job, you need to first go to the jobs section by clicking on the jobs icon  at the top left hand side of the menu.
  2. Next click on the "Create a job" tab on the left side of the menu.
  3. You can post the job as an individual under your own name or if you own a company you can post the job under a company name.
  4. If you are posting under your personal profile you have the option to post "Anonymously" this prevents your job posts from being connected to your profile.
  5. Job Name: Enter a descriptive name for the job you would like posted, you want people to know what the job is about.
  6. Description: Enter the description for your job post, describe the position the duties involved in the position.
  7. Professional Services: Select "Professional Services" if you’re hiring for a service or a temporary position.
  8. Permanent Employees: Select "Permanent Employment" if you are looking to hire for a permanent position either Full Time or Part Time
  9. If you select Professional Services, "Payment Terms" compensation will be based on an hourly, a weekly, a monthly, a fixed rate, or transaction based (this is for compensation which gets paid after the service has been completed or the reimbursement will be from the company the agent is employed at e.g. personal injury lawyers, mortgage reps, insurance agents)
  10. If you select "Permanent Employment", "Payment Terms" will be based on an hourly, bi-weekly, monthly or annually calculation.
  11. Starting From: When you expect the job to begin
  12. For: Duration of the job, this option is applicable only for "Professional Services"
  13. Enter the "skills" required for the job
  14. Job Visibility: Public Jobs will be open to all (Feature being updated, will be added back soon)
  • Invite Only – Job will not be found in search, the job will only be accessible to those you invite. You can invite individually to apply for your job or have the job only available to your network
  1. Location: Can specify only applicants from a specific location qualify for the position. We are working on improving this function for a more localized focus
  2. Preview Job to make any changes, and Post Job when done
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